Types of contributions: research articles, short communications, as well as commentaries.

Submission of a paper implies that it has not been published in anywhere in the world, that its publication is approved by all authors, and that, if accepted, will not be published elsewhere in the same form, in English or in any other language, without the written consent of the publisher.

Step 1
All papers should be submitted electronically only, according to Guide to Authors, via e-mail, as attachments to the following address: The article sent for publication will contain a short presentation of author/s, institution and correspondence address. The drafting rules can be found on Guide to Authors section of the website.

Step 2
The editors will select articles which comply with the submission requirements. The articles which fail to meet the submission requirements will not be reviewed.

Step 3
Two members of the Editorial Board will make an initial review of the scientific quality of the article and appoint two referees for specialty review.

Step 4
Two referees, experts in the field, will make a peer-review of the article.

Step 5
Articles which are conforming to scientific standards will be proposed for publication. The articles which have complied with the standards but need some changes or improvements will be returned to authors. Articles which do not meet the scientific standards will be rejected.

Step 6
Authors will be notified when a manuscript has been accepted for publication. Each author will receive an evaluation feedback sheet of the submitted article.