General view

Near the Marine Biological Station of Agigea is located the Natural Maritime Dunes Reserve, a unique protected area in Romania. Very rare plants are raising in here, like the sandy madwort Alyssum borzaeanum (an endemic plant), Ephedra distachya and the sandy bindweed (Convolvulus persicus). Fauna is represented by sandy specific species Testudo graeca ibera, Lacerta agilis euxinica, Dolicophis caspius, Coronilla austriaca, Zebrina varniensis, Scolia flavifrons, Myrmeleon formicarius.

These maritime dunes had been formed by depositing the sand from an old marine gulf situated to the north.

The idea of a scientific reserve was presented by Prof. Ioan Borcea at the First Congress of Naturalists from Romania held in 1928. For protecting rare and very rare plants, Prof. Borcea limited the access of 600 m².

In 1939, the Natural Maritime Dunes Reserve was officially established, after a Resolution proposed by the Scientific Commission "Romanian Flora" and it covered an area of 6300 m².

In 1958, after a debate at the Marine Biological Station of Agigea, the officials from the Commission on Natural Monuments agreed on increasing the total area of reserve to 17.022 m².

After joining the Marine Biological Station of Agigea to Romanian Institute for Marine Research, the reserve was in a great danger, especially after institute departure.

The reserve was fencing by a prefab wall and its climate suffered serious changes. Inside the reserve sheep and cattle were fed, soldiers made their instruction and even a football field was arranged.

In 1990, the reserve was taken over the Marine Biological Station of Agigea protection. Its legal statute was mentioned in Law no. 5/2000 on management of protected areas.

There have been taking measures for replacing the prefab wall and clearing away weed species, which affected the spreading area of the specific maritime dunes plants.

Total area of reserve is 105504 m². Despite of a limited area, in this reserve were identified more than 241 taxa of vascular plants and 8 species of moss.

Since 21.03.2004, "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University (UAIC) of Ia┼či assumed the custody of Natural Maritime Dunes Reserve from Agigea, agreed by the Ministry of Environment and Forests.

Under the custody agreement no. 171/14.07.2010 and funding contract no. 82454/24.11.2009, the university as a custodian, subject to consulting by interested public for approval of the The Regulation and The Management Plan for the protected area.

Citizens and stakeholders may submit opinions / proposals / suggestions to UAIC, contact person: Conf. Dr. Victor Surugiu (tel. 0232201102 / int. 2376; email