Research projects

- CNCSIS PN-II-IDEI-PCE, Cod 116, 2008-2011, 3 years (2009-2011), Development and implementation of some modern procedures of integrated monitoring of rocky seabed epibenthic communities from Romanian coast of the Black Sea, Project Leader: Victor Surugiu.

- CNCSIS A_C 67/ 2006, 3 years (2006-2008), second party in a three partner consortium second partners task: Population dynamics of Rapana venosa from the Romanian Black Sea, Approx. 27500 Euro/ year for the second partner, Project Leader: Gheorghe Mustata

- Programme d’Actions Integrées (PAI) BRÂNCUŞI 14906K/2007, 2 years (2007-2008), NEANTHES Approche multidisciplinaire pour l’évaluation des impacts de la pollution chez deux espèces clés de la Mer Noire, Approx. 5000 Euro, Project coordinators: Prof. Dr. Gheorghe MUSTAŢĂ and Prof. Dr. Patrick GILLET.

- CNCSIS TD 458/2006, 2 years (2006-2007), Ecosystem functioning in the 2 Mai-Vama Veche Marine Protected Area: Ecological relationships between decapod crustaceans and some mollusks species, Approx. 5200 Euro/ year, Project Leader: Sanziana Micu

- CNCSIS AT 164/2005, 2 years (2005-2006), The ecological substantiation of the use of polychaetes in the diagnosis of water and sediment quality from the Romanian coast of the Black Sea, Approx. 8600 Euro, Project Leader: Victor Surugiu

- CNCSIS AT 640/2003, 2 years (2003-2004), The assessment of the eutrophication levels of the Romanian Black Sea coastal waters on the basis of the study of the polychaete communities, Approx. 2500 Euro, Project Leader: Victor Surugiu