The following list provides a quick overview of research equipment and facilities available for use by scientific personel.

- Research boat "Prof. Ioan Borcea", Mano Marine 26,50. Techincal features: Overall length: 9,20m approval 7,51m, Overall width:3,00m, Inner width : 2,60m, Inner height: 1,85m, Weight: 3000kg, Person capacity: 8 persoane, Max. power: 336KW, Approval: cat. B, Fuel tank: 280l, Water tank: 150l
- Diving equipment ((semidry neoprens, dry neoprens, buyaoncy compensators, diving regulators, SCUBA diving tanks (12 l, 15 l), dive computer, SCUBA accesesories)
- MCH-13/ET Standard SCUBA air compressor, 100l/min
- Underwater foto digital camera, Sea Life Wide angle lens
- 400 l Aquariums
- SMZ 2Stereomicroscope
- Zeiss Stereomicroscope
- Nikon SMZ 645Stereomicroscope, SMZ645 Zooming Body CH - Zoom 6.3:1 (de la 0.8x la 5x), C-W15x Eyepiece 15X (F.N. 16) with Diopter Adjuster, Rubber Eye-Shields, Reticle Lead, C-PS Plain Focusing Stand supplied with opal & black Acrylic plate
- Leica Stereomicroscope
- Leica Microscope
- Oxymeter
- GPS map
- Analytical balance
- Microbalance
- Spectrophotometer
- Laboratory stoves
- pH-meters
- Computer facilities (PC systems, internet access, paper and slide scanners, printer, videoprojector)
- Freezers (standard, -20°C)
- Dredges, grabs
- Nets (crab pots, gill nets, plankton nets)
- Sediment sieves